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The Heroes

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Moreover, with the rivers of blood, loads of deaths, toils of political intrigues and grim, dark humor there is a story here that is very real and in places even touching. The story is told from different points of view: the sly cowards, the courageous honorable heroes, the greedy mercenaries or the ones who were forced to fight. I liked how Mr. Abercrombie blended fantasy and military in the story. It was interesting and new to me because I love fantasy and I avoid military books.

Colonel Bremer dan Gorst (POV) – royal observer of the Northern War and disgraced king’s First Guard. The world building and writing is one of the best that I've ever read, its no surprise Abercrombie is good at what he does, I think its safe to say that he's the best Grimdark author. The writing style adapted here is easy to comprehend and lots of old English is used, its unlike when authors use contemporary English for Epic Fantasy. This book is written in third person multiple POV of the main characters but during the battles the book was narrated by random characters. He could not stay here. He would never make it to the river. But he could not stay here. It had to be now. He broke from the undergrowth, running for the shallows. There were other runners everywhere, most of them without weapons. Mad, desperate faces, eyes rolling. Wetterlant saw the cause of their terror. Horsemen. Spread out across the fields, converging on the shallows, herding the fleeing Union soldiers southwards. Cutting them down, trampling them, their howls echoing across the valley. He ran on, ran on, stumbling forwards, snatched another look. A rider was bearing down on him, he could see the curve of his teeth in a tangled beard.Joder, por las santas barbas de Abercrombie, qué puñetera obra de arte cruda salpicada y manchada con total impunidad y cinismo. He heard voices, the sounds of men crashing through the trees, shrank against the nearest trunk, peering around it like a scared child over their bedclothes. Union soldiers. He shuddered with relief, stumbled from his hiding place, waving one arm.

Abercrombie does an excellent job, both in the preparation of the battle, focusing on the many characters involved, and in the incredible action scenes in which the realism and drama emerges forcefully. Masterful. He rolled stiffly over, groaning. His sword was gone, his right hand red raw. Twisted from his grip as he fell. The blade his father had given him the day he received his commission in the King’s Own. So proud. He wondered if his father would have been proud now. He was in among trees. The orchard? He had abandoned his regiment. Or had they abandoned him? The rules of military behaviour, so unshakeable a foundation until a few moments ago, had vanished like smoke in a breeze. It had happened so fast. It caught the golden shield with a shattering impact, left a deep dent through all that pretty craftsmanship. Gorst chopped at it again and crossed the one scar with another, sent the golden man lurching in his saddle. Gorst lifted his long steel for a finishing blow then felt it suddenly twisted from his hand. Take victory quiet and careful, Rudd Threetrees used to say, ’cause you might soon be called on to take defeat the same way."On coming to after the war I found myself stumbling on lines I had already read in before the war. Was this laziness on the authors part? Or was he saying this is just an endless cycle. Is before and after the war the same thing as after one war at some point becomes before another war? In the First Law trilogy he enjoyed subverting the clichés of the genre by focusing everything on the relationships between the protagonists, leaving out the story which only plays a marginal role. A full behind-the-scenes interview with Joe Abercrombie covering the writing process, the importance of maps, the genesis of and influences on the novel, the six main characters and their story arcs, and the cover . . . amongst other things! Terrific characterizations aside, one of the best strength of the book definitely lies within the stupendous battle scenes. Abercrombie’s masterful usage of consecutive perspective change exhibited the relentless coup de grace dealt from both sides of the armies brutally. This was also the first time I read a fantasy novel that utilized the view of war from the eyes of a common soldier, and they’re terrifying as hell. The action sequences felt incredibly cinematic; it’s brutal, visceral, and bloody thrilling. I’ve read plenty of epic/grimdark fantasy, and other than John Gwynne, no one else can write realistic and explosive close-quartet combat scenes—imbued with raw emotions—as good as Abercrombie does. Every action scenes were truly breathtaking; most epic fantasy books featured one climax sequence to conclude their story, but The Heroes featured five. Consisting of five parts, each part displayed a compelling vivid war or duel scenes. Combined with Abercrombie's impeccable prose, The Heroes is filled with memorable and rewarding battle sequences. Alguna vez has pensado en ponerte un parche? —inquirió Craw, mientras tomaba su espada y la deslizaba en su vaina.

General Jalenhorm – an old friend of the king, promoted beyond his ability, brave yet prone to blunders. Whoa, whoa – his chief of staff? What kind of staff work is necessary in a pre-gunpowder army living off the land, without the logistical network, let alone the command and control capabilities, that would support a system of centralized staff planning?” Un libro complejo sobre una sola batalla en el transcurso de tres días enteros que puede dar lugar a engaño o una falsa densidad, se sintió refrescante, muy ágil, engancha que hay que joderse. Es una guerra fría, cruda y rancia. The main problem I faced with this one is that it had too many characters for my liking and the way they are introduced did not work for me. I don’t mind books with many characters if they are introduced well and given the appropriate time to do that but I do mind it when it feels like info dumping and it becomes too hard for me to remember who is who. If there was not a character’s list at the beginning of the book, I would have probably lost interest much faster. I prefer when characters are introduced gradually and given the time to become realistic which was the case for BSC. To be fair, after 40% of the book, we say goodbye to many characters and the ones that stay are more fleshed which made the second half of the book better than the first half! La narrativa y prosa de Abercrombie es algo sublime, bien pulida, es accesible y logra ser vívida para el lector. Los diálogos son un puto orgasmo crudo y cínico. Una delicia a la par con los personajes. Abercrombie para mi es el mejor en esto. Una verdadera gozada. Y ha mejorado por increíble que parezca.The man in the golden armour had floundered to a riderless horse and was dragging himself drunkenly into the saddle. There were corpses everywhere: horses and men, Union and Northman, sprawled on the shingle, bobbing in the ford, carried gently by the soft current. He hardly saw any Union cavalry left. Only Northmen, weapons raised, nudging their horses cautiously towards him. Cover file: view the several elements of the cover in all their final and rough stages, plus the different stages the cover itself went though during the design process. Comes with commentary from Joe Abercrombie, Dave Senior, Didier Graffet and Laura Brett - teh design team that won a publically-voted design award for the cover of BEST SERVED COLD Los héroes es la novela más densa que he leído por el momento de La primera ley. Además, si yo pensaba que en la primera trilogía bien no sucedía nada a lo largo de las páginas, esta novela se lleva la guinda del pastel. Estás advertido. It's a dark book, with rough characters and some pretty gorey deaths. Ambercrombie does a great job with his battle scenes, showing the confusion of war and the costs of being a hero. Bayaz, the First of the Magi – a bald wizard and an influential representative of the Closed Council.

Llevé uno una temporada —contestó Escalofríos, señalando la enorme cicatriz alrededor de su ojo—. Pero picaba de cojones. Así que pensé: ¿por qué voy a llevarlo? ¿Sólo para que estos cabrones se sientan más cómodos? Si yo puedo vivir con esta cara, ellos pueden vivir viéndola. Y si no, que se jodan." I mean I could write about heroes fighting at a place called the Heroes and then they could have a crisis about being heroes whilst worrying who has taken the Heroes and if enemy heroes are going to kill them. And then I could say heroes a few times more and relate all the events to heroics and consider what makes a hero a hero. The Gooch carried on, heedlessly. “This is supposed to be a gritty military story, about armies and warfare and all that cool shit. Shouldn't it have at least the basics right in regards to military structures and tactics? I mean, if the author has free license to go completely off the grid about this stuff, why not include jeeps and predator drones? That's about as plausible as an ostensibly renaissance-era army set up like a - “ Scale – Bethod’s eldest son, now the one of Dow’s five War Chiefs, strong as a bull, with a bull’s brainThey kept even to no noticeable degree, indeed in the main they appeared rather ragged and reluctant, and Lasmark could hardly blame them. He didn’t much care for charging unsupported into an empty mass of barley himself, especially since a good part of the regiment was still clogged up in the shambles of men and equipment on the bad roads south of the river. But an officer has his duty. He had made representations to Major Popol, and the major had made representations to Colonel Wetterlant of the Sixth, who was ranking officer on the hill. The colonel had appeared too busy to take much notice. The battlefield was no place for independent thought, Lasmark supposed, and perhaps his superiors simply knew better than he did. Las caracterizaciones y diálogos que se saca de la manga este genio, con una gran variedad de personajes, los que regresan como los nuevos, fueron increíbles. Increíbles. Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewing!

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