Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus, 99120116027

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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus, 99120116027

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus, 99120116027

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For my approach to Ad Mech, as a fairly recent returnee for the start of 8th edition and never the best painter when I was a kid, I made the uninformed move of aiming for a white paint scheme for my first army. Little did I know, that this is starting on hard mode. Initially I followed the “Citadel/ GW Metalica scheme” (Rakarth flesh layered with many coats of Pallid Wych Flesh). This is hard to shade and pretty time consuming to do, plus it often comes up looking pretty flat on larger models. I started experimenting using gloss varnishes to give fake highlights of shine, but have now settled on the method below for larger models. T his box includes ten Skitarii Vanguard or Rangers (or five of each), a Tech-Priest Enginseer and a mighty Skorpius Dunerider. The floaty tank can also be built as a Skorpius Disintegrator, so you might as well get two boxes to make the most of it. Step 6: Hit the entire model with a liberal application of Agrax Earthshade, my one and only shade. It gives everything a dirty, dark, and natural feel which I love. As with constrasts I have to watch out for pooling. Step 7: Reapplying basing and highlights. I touched up areas I feel were made too dark by the shade, using either the base colors (if non-contrast) or smooth constrast areas out with colors I felt matched well enough. For Blood Angels Red over Wraithbone, I found that a 60/40 mix of Mephiston Red and Fire Dragon Bright worked well to match. To do edge highlighting I just upped the FDB until I felt it stood out well enough. Bone I touched up with a slightly watered down Wraithbone and then highlighted with a 50/50 Wraithbone/White Scar mix.

Under constant threat for centuries, due to their proximity to the Eye of Terror, the armies of Agripinaa are famed for their grim resolve in the face of all enemies. Firepower– AdMech have incredibly efficient shooting, some of the best in the game. From the lowly Skitarii Ranger to the towering Ironstrider Ballistarii, and all sizes in between, this army has a lot of point-efficient ranged weapons.This was assembled in sub-assemblies with the two halves of the body worked on separately, as many large parts as you can manage and most of the guns, legs, etc., can be worked on individually. On small things I do maybe one additional coat of Agrax further down the panels, but on something big like this don’t be afraid to do as many as needed to get a semi smooth transition. For the Wyldwood I would suggest doing at least one coat of thinned before going to the straight, I think I did ~3 thinned coats on this model. I also used pure wyld wood to make the leathery underarmor look more appropriate, you probably could use a different undercoat for them but it works out ok over the blue and saves a bunch of time particularly on models with both cloth and leather. But I am already saved. For the Machine is Immortal. – Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard Taking Cover. Credit: Pendulin We got so excited about Combat Patrol that we couldn’t help but come up with a few army lists, all coming in at around a Power Level of 25. We’re starting with a couple that you can make with the models in the new Indomitus boxed set . Indomitus Necrons From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine. Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you.

Base Mephiston Red. On your palette, thin the paint with just a touch of water or flow improver, and then apply multiple thin coats to the exterior of the cloaks and hoods. Clearly I have spent too much time waffling on about the army, so its time to get to the scheme itself! Kastelan Robots – They’re retro. They’re goofy. And while their firepower isn’t what it was in previous editions, they made up for it by become fantastic punchbots. Starting off the game with a 2+ save, you can switch their prototcol to instead give them weapon skill of 2+ and a free reroll on their charges. With a pair of Kastelan Fists, these things will punch a hole through the toughest Space Marine vehicles like they weren’t even there. This incredible bionic arm makes flesh look extra weak. Its raw power can crush an enemy into little more than a gory pulp. I forgot another intermediate step photo for the lenses, but the idea is mostly clear in that I continued to do finer layers of Tau Light Ochre and Ushabti for the glowing bits. Most of the time just doing a normal opaque highlight/lense effect works just fine, but if you look at the Kastelan Robots up at the top, you might notice that I glazed in the colours on the face plates so it would not be too stark.As well as the Serberys Raiders & Sulphurhounds, we also have the Pteraxii Sterylizors & Skystalkers who look like they are going to be giving the Adeptus Mechanicus a bit of speed on the tabletop. Now you'll be able to float down the flanks of the enemy army and harass them with flamers and such from on high. Priming: Since I’m using Contrast paints on 75% of these models, I used Wraithbone spray for my primer. It gives all the colors a nice bright pop.

I made a mistake here and started base coating the ivory before doing the metal drybrush, but thankfully the panels are recessed so there was little to no negative consequences. At this point we are actually done the metals, while you could go through and do some edge highlights or fine targeted drybrushing but I am lazy so I will leave that for my marines or necrons.Some Admech models (Kataphrons, Serberys, Dragoons/Ironstriders) have red armor panels traced with a golden accents. Step 3: Armor time! I coated all armor bits in Blood Angels Red and let it dry. As this is the final “big” contrast step it’s important to be careful you don’t overdo it and go into other areas.

While the primary forge worlds offer some fun and thematic options to choose from, you might have an idea for something that’s better suited to your army’s concept, preferred fighting style, or a common opponent. The next three armies are all built around Start Collecting! boxes, which are all a great way to start any new force. Many of them contain enough models for you to build a Combat Patrol force right away. Genestealer Cults As well as these new riders that are skipping across the red earth of Mars, the Adeptus Mechanicus has also managed to take to the skies too. Striking From Above My take on the Adeptus Mechanicus was a little less traditional than some others. I decided the main robe colour should be orange rather than red, partly to be a little different and partly inspired by Buddhist monks. I expected this to be a bit of a bear, but it honestly turned out to be very simple – Jokaero Orange covers nicely and is the exact colour I want, so I just layer that, wash with thinned down Feugan Orange, re-layer Jokaero, and hit high points on the robes with Fire Dragon Bright. The Tech-priest Enginseer below was painted a little later than Cawl, and so he got a small amount of yellow as well right on the edges. As well as this new leading figure for the Adeptus Mechanicus, we also have the bounding and leaping forms of the Serberys Raiders & Sulphurhounds. They can be armed with an array of different weapons and some of them even ride into battle atop fire-breathing mounts which make things all the more terrifying!The vast majority of your Admech will be painted at this point. But there will probably be some random bits that need some extra TLC. For example, on all my plasma or arc weapons, I paint them with Baharroth Blue, and then trace the raised lines with Retributor Armor. The process of teleportation is usually fraught with peril, as barely understood technologies are prone to failure. Not so for the armies of Lucius, who have a unique mastery over it. They’ve even created hyper-localised teleportation devices, which their units use with casual abandon. While there are countless additional details you can customize on Admech beyond these steps, these steps should get you pretty close to the box art.

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