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Barbie Doll and Accessories

Barbie Doll and Accessories

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What makes Barbie and the universe centered around her so appealing? Naturally, it's all about the glamour, luxury, and hot pink accessories! From the very beginning, this famous blonde stood out because of her unique and attractive look. Her beautiful figure, sky-blue eyes, and iconic hairstyle made her the ultimate present for any little girl! What is more, Barbie promoted the importance of personal style and a put-together look among her fans. For instance, many of the games and merchandise related to her are centered around beauty and self-care. They aim to teach little girls about make-up, hair styling, and fashion. Also, they allow youngsters to be creative and have hours of fun emulating adult activities. Still not convinced? Try out the Snip ’n Style Salon game to become Barbie's hairdresser. You will surely have a blast! Barbie is famous for her many, many careers – inspiring children everywhere to follow their dreams and be whatever they want to be. There are loads of career playsets to explore, from the Barbie Fast Cast Clinic for those budding medical professionals to the Barbie Ice Cream Shop or Barbie Pet Spa that all connect to create your own custom Barbie neighbourhood! Discover all of the Barbie Careers to see the full diversity of her achievements.

Imagine the possibilities with Barbie! There’s a wide range of Barbie dolls, playsets and fashions to explore, from the beautiful Barbie Dreamhouse to the latest Fashionistas.Many of the dolls, merchandise, and games of the franchise are based on one of the careers Barbie tries out. I can't think of a job she hasn't had out yet! From a teacher to a sportswoman, a surgeon, or even an astronaut, this blonde beauty is truly fearless! Her message is ambitious and straightforward: You can be anything! Still not convinced? Just join her in the Care N Cure game to experience the life of a wildlife veterinary! It will be a fun and educational experience!

Contrary to appearances, Barbie is not just a blonde bimbo! Of course, she is stylish and well put together at all times, but it doesn't make her superficial. This blonde beauty has empowered young girls for decades, showing that you can be beautiful, intelligent, and successful at the same time. Sure, manicures and hairdos are pretty fun, but everybody knows what every little girl's favorite game is. Of course, I am talking about dress up! There is nothing like choosing the perfect outfit for your doll! What makes Barbie so famous is her virtually endless and extremely fashionable wardrobe. From princess outfits to more casual attire, and even sportswear, this blonde sensation surely has a great taste in fashion. Set off on camping adventures with the Barbie camper van, create your own fantasy world with Barbie Dreamtopia and discover what you could be with Barbie careers dolls. Kids can play out all kinds of open-ended dreams with Barbie and Ken, Stacie, Chelsea and Skipper.This ambitious blonde became the favorite toy and role-model all over the world....and she has never stopped evolving! Since 1987, Barbie has expanded into a media franchise, including animated films, television specials, games, and even music! Enjoy a wonderful world of fashion and style!

When it comes to playing with Barbie dolls, there are endless options to expand your imaginative universe with playsets and collections. From smaller sets like ice cream stands to sprawling Dream House mansions. Let's explore the different types of Barbie playsets and discover the perfect gift for you or the Barbie fan in your life… Your Own Barbie Dream House We know that the driving force of the plot is a break from the Garden of Eden into the cruel sinful real world, because the first teaser alludes to the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where monkey-Cain kills monkey-Abel and throws the murder weapon up into the stars, except in this version, it’s girls and dolls. And if girls are Barbie’s God, and Barbie defies them by going into the real world, where she will learn about girls growing old and dying … she’s kind of killing her God. Cool!I awoke a recent morning gasping for air like a precog in Minority Report, drowning in haunting visions of the near future. Specifically, I was having an active premonition about the Barbie movie, which, tragic, get a life, but here we are. Our intrepid Jason Frank has been gathering pink string and hanging it on the proverbial corkboard for months in an attempt to understand what the hell Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are up to, and something deep in my subconscious has suddenly informed me that the Barbie movie is not just an allegory for the onset of puberty and burgeoning self-awareness, but an actual story about young girls going through puberty/becoming self-aware and grafting that process onto their dolls as a means of catharsis. In other words, I don’t think the movie is really about “Barbie” as a character as much as it is about Barbie owners past, present, and future, all processing their own sexual awakening, mortality, sense of shame, and awareness of the chaotic futility of the universe as they come of age and slowly detach from their childlike selves (and subsequently their Barbies, who must then process their own grief and abandonment, maybe?). There’s a whole range of Barbie Fashionistas and career dolls to explore too, encouraging real-world storytelling. Discover the widest range of Fashionista dolls to date, celebrating diversity with unique fashion dolls in a wide variety of skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and textures, body types and fashions. Or realise you could be anything with an exciting range of Barbie career dolls, from teachers, vets and doctors to Barbie pilot dolls and sports stars. Are you ready for an outrageous adventure? Despite her organized life and driven attitude, she never shies away from an unexpected journey or a new experience! What is more, sometimes new friends join her! She becomes part of famous fairy tales, gets immersed into magical universes, and even more unusual circumstances! One of the best Barbie accessories is her gorgeous house. Full of surprises and moveable parts, the Barbie Chelsea House playset is the perfect size for your Barbies to live, play, and have adventures. It even comes with over 20 pieces of furniture and pets, so you can have hours of fun! For more home accessories, we have plenty of furniture sets like the My First Barbie Bedtime Furniture Pre-School Playset or the Barbie Bakery playset that add exciting new features to playtime. Build your dream home for your Barbie companions and create exciting memories today. Barbie Cars & Vehicles Take Playtime on The Go Inspire endless storytelling possibilities with this Barbie® gardening playset featuring a pet bunny, garden box, lattice and themed accessories!

What turns a blonde doll into an international sensation? Perhaps it's the fact that Barbie was much more than just a pretty face. Barbie has stolen the hearts of little girls everywhere with her independent and dynamic lifestyle! Barbie seemed to have it all: a successful career, a gorgeous house, and many affluent friends. In a romper with sunflower print, a sun hat and cute boots, Barbie® doll is ready for a day of play.It all started in the 1950s, when American businesswoman Ruth Handler, invented a beautiful fashion doll inspired by a German one, called Bild Lilli. Soon after, it was bought by the famous toy company Mattel, and it became much more than just a toy! Soon enough, little girls everywhere wanted to befriend and own such a special and enticing doll!

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