In Search of Schrodinger's Cat

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In Search of Schrodinger's Cat

In Search of Schrodinger's Cat

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The first two parts of the book explore the discussions, and scientific developments as quantum theories began to emerge from classical Newtonian approaches. I'm reading this again after a few years so that when I give it to my girlfriend to read and EXPAND HER MIND I will be able to help guide her through it.

I believe Jhon Gribbin masterfully captures the core of what modern quantum science encompasses as well as the chronology if it's development. He then explains the Planck's black body radiation and the famous two-slit experiment whose observations threw the entire scientific community into a state of utter ambiguity and disarray about the nature of electrons. Saber sobre el origen de la mecánica matricial de Heisenberg y la tensión con Max Born, con autores de la misma y que quedaron excluídos del premio Nobel que gano el primero. Para citar algunos ejemplos, me encanto leer (o volver a leer) sobre las tensiones entre personajes como Mach, Planck y Boltzmann o entre Einstein, Schrödinger, de Broglie y Heisenberg o Bohr. I won’t spoil this content if, like myself, you’re going on blind with very little pre-knowledge on quantum mechanics.Science is often best understood in this chronological fashion, to allow us to see the different layers of key insights and discoveries that have been added to the basic structure of quantum mechanics over time. Physics was one subject i was never good at during High school (not that i was great at any of the other subjects though but Physics was a nightmare). In the middle, we are swiftly transported to the gate of quantum riding on Niels Bohr's atomic model (electrons in the joy of getting their hands on photon packets jump around the atom), Pauli's exclusion theory, Louis De Broglie's particle-wave duality (electrons act as set frequency wave on set shells just like ringing strings of a violin) and finally witness, according to sir Arthur Eddington, "The Jabberwocky" of science. This implies that the cat or anything in the box is a wave function accompanied by myriad ghost realities that will collapse into a single reality (dead or alive cat) when you decide to see it.

Gribbin explains the body of evidence leading up to the development of quantum physics and summarises the historical context in which it occurred. The entire book has been an amazing ride through the mindbogglingly unbelievable world of the sub-atomic particles and i cant say it better than Neils Bohr - "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not fully understood it".When the observer looks into the box, he forces one outcome , which is the cat is either dead or alive and the other possibility still exists in its own world with its own observer (which is as real as our universe). This is the kind of book I can keep coming back to as the puzzle pieces come together, and I’m fine with that. It has been described as among the best of the first wave of physics popularisations preceding Stephen Hawking's multi-million-selling A Brief History of Time. A vial of a deadly chemical which will instantly kill the cat is placed inside with the cat, sealed so the feline is safe.

There rested mainly two theoretical swords or guns in the valley in the early upbringing of quantum. one of the anecdotes told and retold about Niels Bohr is that when someone came to him with a wild idea purporting to resolve one of the puzzles of quantum theory in the 1920’s he replied, “Your theory is crazy. It was the first popular book about quantum physics I've read and I think I was lucky to start with it. It was a thought experiment, produced to ask "when does a Quantum model cease to be a mixture and become one thing or another?the text in 2021 is definitely showing its age, more than 35 years I believe since it's initial publishing - it's particularly obvious when talking about the fantastic new technology -- Lasers! this book explains generally the perplexing, mind-boggling, paradoxical principles of quantum physics while relating the history of discoveries leading up to and through it, including the discovery of the X-Ray. La capacidad de John Gribbin de despertar la curiosidad y al mismo tiempo ser un buen crítico de la manera como los físicos hemos divulgado o entendemos la teoría cuántica es genial, especialmente al hablar de un tema de tanto interés. The first 120 pages boil the pot handsomely by serving historical aspects like the nature of light, the emergence of electrons, radioactivity, the black body problem, and its unconventional solution that dealt the first blow to classical physics, breaking into the world of a Swiss patent clerk with his 4 papers, one of them being photoelectric effect -that was the proto platform of later quantum developments and so on. Kitap sonlara doğru iyice anlaşılmaz bir hal alıyor olsa da (ki bu konuların çok ağırlaşmasından kaynaklanıyor) genelde gayet güzel bir anlatımı var.

He takes us step-by-step into an ever more bizarre and fascinating place—requiring only that we approach it with an open mind.Without it, we'd have no nuclear power or nuclear bombs, no lasers, no TV, no computers, no science of molecular biology, no understanding of DNA, no genetic engineering—at all. Maybe it was the passage of time and the advancement of science, maybe it was my own further studies in the field, maybe it was own growth and change in preferences, or maybe I just things didn't notice the first time. He also uses thought experiments to help the reader understand the crucial concepts and interpretations of quantum physics, including of course Schrödinger's cat. En aquel entonces comenzaba a enamorarme algo de la física y este libro definitivamente hizo parte del proceso. Finally, Gribbin explores the philosophical implications of the theory, and leaves the reader with loose ends.

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