Blackstar Fly 3 PSU Official Power Supply for Fly 3 Mini Portable Amplifier.

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Blackstar Fly 3 PSU Official Power Supply for Fly 3 Mini Portable Amplifier.

Blackstar Fly 3 PSU Official Power Supply for Fly 3 Mini Portable Amplifier.

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The power supply is a mostly conventional design with the power coming through FS1, a board mounted protection fuse (sorry don't know what rating it is, and I don't want to blow it to find out :) ), a " Power" switch (mounted on the Upper Deck Board), and into IC9 after a couple of filtering caps C79 and C40. Powering our booster directly from batteries would drain them even when the amp is not turned on, so we want to make sure to get the point in the circuit that’s downstream from the power switch.

We want to break connection between “B” and “C” so we can inject our booster circuit in between them. I'm not really sure what it's for since the LED doesn't need any special manufacturing test - it will be on when the power is applied. The Blackstar uses the circuit in Fig 22 of the 57152 datahseet where the ADJ pin gets a proportion of the VOUT set by 2 resistors (in the Fly R66 and R67).

Anyone who has had a ground loop with their pedals or their mixing desk knows what I'm talking about. Does that mean that you can drive a second extension cabinet using an RJ11 splitter making it a 9W combo? I am an airline pilot and travel a lot with my guitar and amp – to save room in my suitcase and avoid the batteries, i am looking for another power management solution – do you think that it is possible to supply it with power from USB ? which crudely put says if you have a small speaker cab, and you want good bass, you need a powerful amp.

In this case, I can definitely hear that echoes are warmer sounding, but there’s no too much distortion or noise, meaning that they did a good job filtering the signal. Update on the LED circuit: The consensus on freestompboxes by The G and Manfred is that TR1 must be a PNP and that this is a circuit to provide a constant current to the LED.

com/tube-screamer-analysis (the excellent ElectroSmash circuit analysis of the most copied pedal circuit ever). For this kind of op-amp circuit we assume pin 2 and pin 3 are always at the same voltage, and so the output signal voltage also appears from IC1 pin 1 to pin 2. Here all the spiky current from the Amp flows through the Ground Wire Resistance and makes spiky voltages. If you're not taking your Blackstar Fly 3 battery-powered mini guitar combo amplifier out and about, then save on batteries by using a Fly amp power supply. But if we jumper the two ground terminals, we are bypassing the switching mechanism of the jack and we can use the jack to output power for external effects.

The Upper Deck board has vacant space for an extra switch or socket to add some cool custom feature (hmmm I'm thinking about that .All of this will emphasize a band of mid freqeuncies and tend to roll-off the upper harmonics from the hard clipping, giving an overall smoother sound. Deze adapter besteld omdat batterijen niet nodig zijn als je niet midden in een bos of op het strand met de Blackstar Fly 3 wil spelen.

This circuit is obviously there to provide current into the LED and light it up (and a LED is just a type of diode which glows with a colour when it conducts). Cleans are nice and clean and overdriven sounds range from mild crunch to saturated gain, with about the same range of distortion as say a JCM800.

I haven't talked about the circuit around TR1 which drives the " POWER" LED on the Upper Deck board . The optional Extension Speaker cab is a 6 volt powered speaker full of space waiting to be turned into something other than a Blackstar Fly3. There's a bunch of maths (sorry math if you are in the USA) which speaker designers use to make ports in their cabinets resonate at the frequency they want. EQ before clipping controls which frequencies get clipped most, which in turn means some frequencies get a lot more harmonics added to them.

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