Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

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Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

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Mum became furious, grabbed my wrist and led me to the drawing room where she sat down and proceeded to pull me across her lap. She tried to pull away and he picked up the bath brush, which was enough of a threat for her to behave no matter how badly she didn't want to. My parents were very religious and strict Christians whose child-rearing principles were founded upon “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” and “A child should be seen and not heard.

Now since Georgia's mouth is otherwise occupied," he continued on, "I need a volunteer to orally satisfy my erection, do you know anyone who could do that for me! When I asked her what she was smiling about, she said, "I think my spanking your butt while you are wearing a pair of my panties is going to become a regular occurrence for us.And why didn't I decide to say some BS just a few seconds before everyone went silent or to just shut it up ?

I learnt later in my life that it was normal to feel aroused during spanking because of the stimulation of nerves, but back then I didn't know it. As I noted, I reluctantly kept my promise to babysit despite the added embarrassment that ended up coming with it. She relented and paid the money for me but unfortunately Daddy found out and oh my was he angry with Mummy. I had a drivers license and I was looking forward to becoming a high school junior that fall (when I'd also turn 17). I often get spanked at the end of the day and am sent to bed with a sore bum but if I have been very naughty I get spanked in the early morning and have to go through a whole day not wanting to sit down and not wanting to walk about either because my sore cheeks rub against each other and cause me lots of discomfort.It always made me feel pretty shameful, because my sister and I were raised in a house where modesty was emphasized and nudity was for the privacy of your own bedroom, or in the shower. On that particular weekend while fixing breakfast for him and my brothers, I got so sick of his complaining I told him that if he didn't like it that he should, "Fix breakfast yourself. Larson has one of the smoothest and plumpest vulvas you'll ever see, now if we can get started, please!

I don't like having to give you a spanking so often but you just haven't been a good girl lately," he said pushing her legs open just enough to see her pussy. But I just wish the boys didn't peek again when Colleen left the guest bedroom for a few minutes to talk with her husband as I laid on the bed naked with my bottom up and the rectal thermometer sticking out of my butt hole. I think the haircut was a great shock to you at that age and you went from cool dude to naughty crying baby in a flash.I say this because a short haircut at 14 years old and spanked in front of other boys both were once quite common, and accepted. Your mom (and Hami's also) wore her belt and once you felt it, just looking at Mom must have been quite an attention-getter. This could all be over now young lady, just say you are sorry," he said as he stroked her wet pussy.

Money remaining in a wallet or coin purse did not constitute nailed down in my book, for if the coast was even barely clear, I’d look in the wallet or purse and help myself to any change that struck me as surplus.To be spanked is bad enough but to get it on the bare in front of your school friends the humiliation and shame is beyond words . He then made me turn around (my back toward him) as he placed his fingers inside my shorts and panties to pull them both down in one swoop like he did to Matt. Whenever my mom would say get your clothes off and get face down on the bed I knew I was going to get the belt. The cane was on show for everyone to see including friends when they visited to play music or do homework, workmen, window cleaners and neighbours from across the road. As they chatted for over a minute, closer to two, I stood there, exposed, my stepdad's nephews grinning and pointing at me and whispering comments to each other (thank God this was before camera phones!

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